Where Should Infrared Heaters be Placed?

Where Should Infrared Heaters be Placed?

Infrared heaters are a great way to keep yourself warm while making significant savings on your heating bills. However, because infrared heaters operate differently from regular central heating, you need to make sure you’re mounting them in the right place.

Radiant Heating vs. Convection Heating

Infrared heaters and radiant heaters generate heat internally and then radiate it outwards in a forward facing cone, heating up whatever it touches. This is why placement is so important. This is in contrast to central heating systems, which use a convection method to heat the air around the radiator, which is then circulated around the room.

Can I Mount An Infrared Radiant Heater On The Ceiling?

This is a popular choice, particularly in commercial buildings. An infrared radiant heater mounted on or integrated into the ceiling is out of the way and can provide a nice, even warmth across the entire room.

Can Infrared Radiant Heaters Be Mounted Vertically On A Wall?

If your room includes some smaller wall spaces such as between a door and cupboard, you may be considering a vertical placement, which is completely fine. The heat will radiate forwards, heating anything directly in its path.

Can I Mount An Infrared Radiant Heater In An Alcove?

Technically, yes… but it would be a waste of heat. When the heat reaches the interior walls of the alcove, it will be absorbed by them, so the heat will spread no further. This is why vertical and horizontal wall-mounting in a central location is a preferable choice.

Can I Wall Mount An Infrared Heater Outdoors?

Yes. Both our golden infrared heaters and our infrared radiant heaters are suitable for wall mounting outdoors. As infrared heaters produce heat in a similar way to the sun, you are guaranteed even heat for the surrounding space.

When mounting infrared heaters outdoors, you should pay particular attention to the requirements for the spacing around the heater, especially in outdoor structures such as gazebos.

Can I Mount An Infrared Heater On A Stand Or Parasol?

Of course. This is how most outdoor infrared heaters are mounted. It means you can move the heater to a better position as the night goes on or take it with you if you decide to move to another part of the garden. You can even put it away for storage when not in use.

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