Luxury Garden Furniture Set with Fire Pits in Leicestershire

If you’re planning to incorporate an outdoor living space into your garden design, a garden sofa with a fire pit is an absolute must-have piece of furniture. Investing in luxury garden and patio furniture allows you to create a truly relaxing space that you can enjoy day and night.

With a range of top-of-the-line fire pit and garden furniture sets, we’re sure to have the perfect set-up for you. From 1-seater sofas to fully reclining sofa sets, we have the perfect fire pit furniture for every occasion and budget. Whether you’re in Leicestershire or around the UK, discover the ideal fire pit garden furniture at Evergreen Pro.

Garden Sofa with Fire Pit Set

There are few things more pleasant than spending the evening on a garden sofa with a fire pit. Whether you’re relaxing with your loved ones or chatting with friends, the combination of cosy warmth and a comfortable sofa is nothing short of incredible. We have several types of garden furniture sets and layouts available, including modular corner sofas and even recliner sofas, if you really want to kick back and relax.

The fire pits themselves are entirely safe. They are fitted with thick, tempered, toughened glass, so you are protected at all times from the open flames. Instead, you get to enjoy the benefits of its heat and warming glow.

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