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Replacement Infrared Filament


Our latest golden bulb IR technology is 92% energy efficient therefore nearly a 100% of the energy consumed by the golden bulb is transformed into infrared radiation and hence into instant and comfortable heat.  Golden Bulb technology gives “100% instant heat” without the requirement for pre-heating. The filaments have a lifespan of 7000 hours.

Evergreen’s objective is to deliver a low energy IR lamps with perfect heat for your health and comfort. We would like our IR heater to deliver a comfortable and warm outdoor space that’s suitable for alfresco dining and socializing. 

Our European manufactured Golden IR lamps use the most transparent glass tube and high-quality tungsten filament.  Our high-quality IR lamps working life is up to 10,000 hours. Our IR lamps colour temperature is 2600 Kelvin. The filament temperature is 1,800°C. We coat our IR heating elements with highest quality golden composite coating guaranteeing golden hardened finish. Our high-quality lamp specification means the best quality infrared even heat

Additional information

Filament Length

355mm, 550mm

IR Wavelength


Operating Voltage


Infrared Life (Hours)

7000 Hours

Power (Watts)

1500W (1.5kW), 2000W (2kW), 2500W (2.5kW)

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