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IR Radiant Heater with Bluetooth Speaker

Model Number: NR24-13W
Heat Area: 7.5-13.5 m2
Watts: 2400W (2.4kW)
Cost Per Hour: 41p
Length: 1870mm × 189mm × 67mm
Remote Control: Yes

£479 Inc VAT

Size Guide

Evergreen Infrared heaters have an ergonomic design and will successfully fit into any outdoor space where you require even heat distribution to any room type or outdoor space. The heat can be regulated by the inbuilt thermostat on the heater digital display and can be operated by the remote control.  All remote controls have an LCD screen display for controlling the temperature and level settings. The remote also has a “rocket” setting for max heat output for those winter evenings.

Ultra slim line infrared heaters provide instant even heat distribution in minutes to your outdoor or indoor space. Our infrared heaters have a stylish design and will successfully fit into any modern interior or exterior. All heaters are IP Rating 66 (100% waterproof).  Suitable for permanent outdoor installation including restaurant and bar terraces, hotel or garden patio, verandas, pergola, awning etc 

Also recommended for indoor use in homes, offices, churches, hotel, schools, factories, hospitals, restaurants, hotels.

Easy DIY installation and multiple mounting option:

Installation is carried out on a vertical (wall) or horizontal (ceiling) surface. 

Product features:

  • Wi-fi control

Set up to 30 time logs

Four heating levels (25%, 50%, 75% and 100% power)

Share control link with family members or colleagues

Group control and individual control of multiple infrared heater*

*Android or IOS App: Tuya Smart

  • 3D stereo sound Bluetooth Speaker (10m range by IOS and Android)

Energy saving technology: 

Our patented green technology radiant heaters are designed with the latest nano composite coated radiant panel and internal stainless-steel heating elements, making them >86% energy efficient.  The regenerative reflective heat storage design gives maximum energy savings with even heat distribution in the room or outdoor space.

Additional information


2400W (2.4kW)

IP Class



1870mm × 189mm × 67mm

Heat Area

7.5-13.5 m2

Model Number


Includes Remote Control:
Model - NR24
NR24-13B (Bluetooth)
Dowload Manual
NR24-13W (Wi-Fi)
Dowload Manual
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