Golden IR Outdoor Patio Heater Without Remote Control (2kW, 400mm, Black, IP67) MODEL BH-2000/4

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Heat Area: 10-20 m2
Watts: 2000W (2kW)
Available in 400mm Width


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Outdoor infrared patio heaters are the perfect way to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere in an outside setting. Whether it’s for your garden or an outdoor seating area at a commercial venue, outdoor IR patio heaters get the job done and are super efficient.

Durable, Attractive Design

Our range of outdoor infrared patio heaters are designed and built to last. Perfectly suited to environments that are semi-open or fully-exposed to the elements, these robust heating devices let you take the summer warmth with you wherever you need it. The ultra-slimline design means they are lightweight enough to be moved about outside, or easily mounted on a suitably-positioned wall. The modern black grill casing protects it from dust and water, while the radiant method of heating ensures that it is not affected by wind or other adverse weather conditions.

Efficient Outdoor IR Patio Heaters

Our outdoor patio heaters are fitted with an infrared lamp manufactured in Eastern Europe. Sealed in a high-density glass tube, the lamps are hard-wearing and energy efficient. These Golden Lamps (so-called for the gold composite used to coat the glass) incorporate a high-quality tungsten filament that generates temperatures of up to 2,200 Kelvin (K), allowing the lamp temperature to reach 2,600 Kelvin (K).
Infrared lamps use radiant heat to warm up an area. This method of heating ignores air particles, sending heat directly towards whatever, or whomever is stood in front of it like the warm sensation on your skin from the sun our patio heater also offers health benefits. similar to that of red light therapy infra red lamps are known to increase circulation and reduce inflammation.

This means that less than 5% of the heat generated is lost to the environment, helping you make the most of your heater while also reducing the cost of running it. For a cost comparison vs gas a GreenPro patio heater runs at 10 percent the cost of gas thus keeping more pennies in your pocket. This is welcome news for industrial and commercial enterprises, hotels, bars, schools, pubs, clubs and restaurants with outdoor seating requirements.

Our patio heater is the worlds first fully waterproof IP67 compliant patio heater keeping your customers safe, warm and offering a considerable reduction in utility bills.

Easy to Install

An Evergreen outdoor infrared patio heater can be easily fitted to any surface, so long as there is good ventilation and at least 0.25m between the heater and the ceiling. There must also be at least 0.5m between the patio heater and adjacent walls/fabrics and at least 1.8m between the bottom edge of the heater and the floor.
Our patio heaters are lightweight, so there is no risk of them being too heavy for your wall. We also provide you with a full-mounting kit that matches the sleek, stylish aesthetic of the heater. If you want greater portability, you can also mount our outdoor IR heaters to a dedicated single or dual stand that can be positioned anywhere outside to really get the most out of them.

Fast, effective, outdoor patio heaters

Our outdoor IR patio heaters can produce their maximum heat output within a couple of seconds, the heat is literally instant, while the low glare infrared lamp itself can last for around 7,000 hours. With an IP rating of 67 marking it as 100% waterproof and a corrosion-resistant finish, these heaters can be left outside all year round. Benefiting from low energy consumption and a parabolic heat reflection system for maximum efficiency, they offer great savings compared with outdoor gas heaters.

Infrared patio heaters to suit your individual requirements

Our 2kW outdoor infrared patio heaters are available in 400mm and 600mm, allowing you to select the correct size option for your requirements. They are designed to heat an area of 10-20 m2.
Each patio heater is fitted with 2m of cable and a UK plug that are regulated to EU standards, and includes a 2-year extended warranty, valid from the date of purchase.
Our range of high-quality outdoor infrared patio heaters are in stock and ready for dispatch. Order online today for fast, free delivery across the UK.

Additional information

Power (Watts)

2000W (2kW)




On/Off Plug

Body Type

Powder Coated Aluminium



Infrared Life (Hours)


IP Class



2kW: 9.09 Amps


Model Number : BH-2000 Model Number : RCH-2000/4 Model Number : RCH-2000/6 Model Number : RCH-2500/6
Power (kW) 2kW 2kW 2kW 2.kW
Size (mm) 400x130x100 470x130x100 470x130x100 670x130x100
Heat Area (m2) 10-20 10-20 10-20 12-24
Remote Control No Yes Yes Yes
Infrared Life (Hours) 7000 7000 7000 7000
IP Class IP67 IP67 IP67 IP67
Amps 9.09 9.09 9.09 11.3

Size Guide

Use our sizing table below to choose the perfect heater for your outdoor space.
A, B, C, D: Metre (m)

Model Number : BH-2000 Model Number : RCH-2000/4 Model Number : RCH-2000/6 Model Number : RCH-2500/6
A (Min-Max) Height) 1.5-2.75 1.3-2.5 1.5-2.75 1.5-2.75
B (Min-Max) Depth 2.0-3.0 2.0-3.0 2.0-3.0 2.0-3.0
C (Min-Max) Width 3.0-4.0 10-20 3.5-4.5 3.5-4.5
D (Min-Max) Length 1.8-4.5 1.5-4.0 1.8-4.5 1.8-4.5
Heat Area m2 10-20 10-20 10-20 12-24


Download Manual (BH & RCH 1500-2500)


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