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Infrared Radiant Heaters

Evergreen Infrared heaters have an ergonomic design and will successfully fit into any outdoor space where you require even heat distribution to any room type or outdoor space. The heat can be regulated by the inbuilt thermostat on the heater digital display and can be operated by the remote control. All remote controls have an LCD screen display for controlling the temperature and level settings. The remote also has a “rocket” setting for max heat output for those winter evenings.


Our IR Radiant heaters don't feature an orange glow, but still give off a beautiful warmth, perfect for indoor spaces too.

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Easy Installation

You’ll be happy to know all our heaters are equipped with a UK plug and masonry fixings, so NO need for a contractor to help you install any GreenPRO products.

On the wall, garden parasol or stand-mounted, you choose how you want to display your GreenPRO heater.

Not a fan of D.I.Y? Our lightweight heaters can be installed out of the box in under 5 minutes with no experience required. Check out our online installation videos.
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