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Golden Infrared Heating

Infrared Outdoor Heaters

Our infrared heaters utilise a high-grade heating technology encapsulated in an anodised aluminium body to provide maximum comfort in the colder months.
Built, proven and rated at an IP67 standard, our infrared heaters can withstand any weather including rain, wind and dust.
Our golden composite infrared bulbs offer a lifespan of up to 10,000 hours which has allowed us to give all GreenPRO heaters a 2 year warranty and a CE certification as standard.


Our golden IR Outdoor Heaters feature a warm orange glow to heat your outdoor space.

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Easy Installation

You’ll be happy to know all our heaters are equipped with a UK plug and masonry fixings, so NO need for a contractor to help you install any GreenPRO products.

On the wall, garden parasol or stand-mounted, you choose how you want to display your GreenPRO heater.

Not a fan of D.I.Y? Our lightweight heaters can be installed out of the box in under 5 minutes with no experience required.
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