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Commercial Outdoor Heaters

We provide a range of commercial infrared heaters suitable for indoor and outdoor to venues across the UK. These heaters are both cost- and energy-efficient, converting over 95% of their energy input into heat. Infrared heaters also offer significant savings when compared to gas patio heaters. Typical running costs for a gas heater are £3.40 per hour compared to 34p per hour for an infrared heater.

The bulbs in our outdoor infrared heaters offer a lifespan of up to 10,000 hours; that's over a year of heat for your commercial premises. Each unit also includes a 2 year warranty for added peace of mind.

Commercial Radiant Heaters

Commercial radiant heaters are an excellent choice for almost every kind of establishment. Whether you're running a bistro, café, or bar with indoor dining spaces, or have an outdoor dining area such as a rooftop restaurant or garden, they allow you to direct the heat exactly where it needs to be. They can be wall, ceiling, or stand mounted, making them truly versatile pieces of equipment.

If you need to keep your outer doors open for extended periods of time, for example in a takeaway food establishment, an infrared heater means the guests nearest the doors won’t be inconvenienced by cold air from outside.

If you’re hosting events at your venue – whether it’s a birthday party, a wedding reception, or an awards ceremony – our commercial radiant heaters are an essential addition. With portable stands allowing you to direct the heat where it’s needed, you can make sure any kind of marquee or gazebo is adequately heated. Our radiant heaters also feature Wi-Fi or Bluetooth speakers, so you keep your patrons entertained and warm, well into the wee hours.

Commercial Outdoor Heaters

Following the national coronavirus lock downs and the subsequent rules regarding social distancing, many restaurants opened outside dining areas. Most have chosen to keep them as al fresco dining adds a touch of style and class to any establishment. With the right infrared heater set up, you can ensure that each of your external booths remains warm and toasty for the comfort of your diners.

If you have a beer garden or dedicated outdoor dining area, you can keep your patrons as warm and comfortable as if they were relaxing on a summer day, no matter how chilly the atmosphere outside might be. Including an infrared heater in your commercial set up also allows your business to extend the use of outdoor eating spaces to include colder times of the year.
All our commercial infrared heaters are ready to buy now from our online store. We guarantee a fast turnaround and free delivery on all orders. If you want professional advice on how best to install and set up your commercial heaters, give the team a call today on 01455 819463. We will be happy to assist and give you a free, no-obligation quote for bulk orders.


Accessories For Your Space

GreenPRO heaters are available in 3 different colours, gloss black, metallic silver and matt white matching the contemporary and modern look for your business.

We offer a fantastic range of accessories to display our heaters such as single/dual mount stands and parasol fittings for a contemporary look and feel.

GreenPRO accessories arrive in a powder coated paint finish to match our sleek designed heaters and can be placed indoor or outdoor.


Golden Infrared Technology is environmentally friendly and safe to humans and our planet. Using the latest infrared technology, our golden composite bulb produces heat at an efficiency of 95% running as low as 28p/hrs. Our infrared heaters cover an area of up to 35m² which allows you to target an indoor or outdoor area which you would like instant heat. 

GreenPRO infrared heaters are environmentally designed products and produce zero emissions and provide eco-friendly heat.


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