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About Evergreen Outdoor Heaters

Our company objective is to provide infrared heaters that give you the perfect heat for your health and comfort, in any outdoor or indoors space. We offer high quality outdoor and indoor 'zero light' infrared heaters that deliver a comfortable and relaxing luxury experience to replicate how it feels to sit in glorious sunshine.

Our latest 'no light' infrared heaters nano technology can be installed indoors on walls and ceilings, giving you an attractive feature in any room, restaurant, office or yoga studio.

Why Choose Us?

We offer high quality, outdoor, infrared heaters delivering a comfortable and relaxing outdoor luxury experience that replicates how we feel sitting in the glorious sunshine.

Our ergonomic design allows the heater to work in half open spaces and the lamps are NOT affected by water or dust.

The infrared lamps are manufactured in eastern Europe of a high density glass tube coated in a golden composite giving each lamp a golden glow.
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